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I am not satisfied with a software and your services. Can I have a refund?

a:4:{s:2:"en";s:417:"Yes, we can refund you without any questions, just create a ticket with refund request in our HelpDesk system. However we are confident that our support team can fix any software-related issue, so get in touch and let us chance to help you! *Note: Chargeback (transaction dispute) affects your credit score, also it takes much longer to get your money back that way, that's why we kindly ask you to contact us first!";s:2:"de";s:280:"Wir haben das professionelle Personal aus technischen Fachleuten, die jedes Problem lösen können. Wir sind sicher, dass unser Dienst für Verwaltung und Unterstützung jede Situation erledigen kann, um Ihre Forderungen zu befriedigen. Im Gegenfall erhalten Sie Ihr Geld zurück!";s:2:"fr";s:278:"Nous avons une équipe professionnelle des spécialistes techniques pouvant lever tous les problèmes. Nous sommes convaincus que notre service de gestion et de soutien pourra résoudre n'importe quelle situation et répondre à tous vos besoins. Sinon, vous aurez votre argent!";s:2:"es";s:295:"Tenemos un equipo profesional de profesionales técnicos que pueden eliminar cualquier problema. Estamos seguros de que nuestro servicio de administración y apoyo podrá resolver cualquier situación para satisfacer todas sus exigencias. En el caso contrario ¡Usted recuperará todo su dinero!";}

Is ordering online from Software Store safe?

Yes. Our checkout pages are 128-bit SSL encrypted, the industry standard for secure online ordering. Always make sure to look for the url bar and the lock or key icon on your browser when you are checking out (location and format differ depending on what browser you are using). This indicates you are viewing a secure, encrypted page.

I cannot find any info about the recent order.

a:7:{s:2:"en";s:341:"After a successful payment you will receive a payment confirmation email with a link to your member’s account. Attention! Some people have troubles receiving our e-mails because the automated messages are often end up in spam folders or get blocked by ISP's. In that case, please try to check the SPAM, BULK folders, etc in your email-box.";s:2:"de";s:458:"Nach der erfolgreichen Bezahlung erhalten Sie die E-Mail mit der Bestätigung der Bezahlung und dem Link für den Übergang in Ihr Personalkabinett. Achtung! Einige Menschen haben die Probleme mit dem Empfang unserer E-Mails in Verbindung damit, dass die automatischen Mitteilungen in die Spam-Ordner oft geraten oder von dem Internetverbindungsanbieter blockiert werden. In solch einem Fall prüfen Sie die Ordner SPAM, GANZE E-MAIL usw. in Ihrer Mailbox.";s:2:"fr";s:425:"Après le paiement vous recevrez un e-mail avec la confirmation de paiement et le lien à vous rendre à votre bureau personnel. Attention! Certaines personnes ont des problèmes avec la réception de nos e-mails en raison du fait que les messages automatiques tombent souvent dans le dossier spam ou sont bloqués par le fournisseur de services Internet. Dans ce cas, vérifiez votre dossier Spam, boîte de reception etc. ";s:2:"nl";s:0:"";s:2:"es";s:497:"Una vez efectuado el pago con éxito, usted recibirá una carta en su correo electrónico con la confirmación del pago y con el enlace a la dirección de usuario. ¡Ojo! Algunas personas tienen el problema con la recepción de nuestras cartas al correo electrónico a causa de los mensajes automáticos que a menudo llegan a las carpetas de correo no deseado o se bloquean por el internet-navegador. En este caso revise las carpetas SPAM, TODO EL CORREO y etc.… en vuestro correo electrónico.";s:2:"it";s:0:"";s:2:"da";s:0:"";}

What is the difference between OEM and Retail Box packaging?

Retail version of the software is a full version of the software which includes the installation disc(s), Certificate of Authenticity (if manufacturer provides), and the product keycode/serial number (if necessary). OEM software does not come in a retail box, doesn't include any printed manuals, and it is not eligible for a free technical support from the manufacturer. You can always find the “Help” files in the member’s area. OEM software is only available in "full version" editions, meaning there are no OEM upgrade products. OEM software can be upgraded to future versions of the software by purchasing a compatible upgrade product.

How are you able to sell your software at such low prices?

We are not under contract or "authorized" to sell on behalf of any particular software manufacturer. As a result, we are able to sell our products significantly below the MSRP. We purchase at lower prices from reputable sources in the wholesale market and pass those savings on to you!

Is there a need to register on the manufacturers website?

As we sell OEM programs, we have already registered our software and so there is no need for you to do this again.

When will I get the purchased software?

a:7:{s:2:"en";s:311:"All software is delivered digitally. Therefore right after purchase you will be provided with a login, a password and your personal link to our member’s area where you can download the software. As we send your login data and the URL via e-mail please make sure you have entered a correct and working address.";s:2:"de";s:393:"Alle Softwaren werden in der Digitalform geliefert. Das heißt, dass Sie sofort nach dem Kauf den Alias, das Passwort und Ihr Personallink für den Übergang ins Kabinett für eingetragene Nutzer erhalten, wo Sie die Software herunterladen können. Da wir Ihren Alias und Ihre URL-Adresse via E-Mail senden, überzeugen Sie Sich, dass Sie die richtige und wirksame Adresse eingetragen haben. ";s:2:"fr";s:390:"On fournis tous les logiciels en forme numérique. Cela signifie qu’une fois l'achat accompli vous recevez un login, un mot de passe et votre lien personnel à vous rendre au bureau pour les utilisateurs enregistrés où vous pourrez télécharger le logiciel. Nous vous envoyons votre nom d'utilisateur et adresse URL par e-mail, alors assurez-vous que vous avez entré l'adresse exacte.";s:2:"nl";s:0:"";s:2:"es";s:480:"Todos los programas informáticos se suministran en el formato digital. Esto significa que en seguida despues de la compra usted recibirá el nombre del usuario, la contraseña y su enlace personal para el acceso a la área de los usuarios registrados, donde usted podrá descargar los programas informáticos. Así que le enviaremos su nombre de usuario y dirección-URL por el correo electrónico, asegúrese que usted haya indicado bien su correo electrónico y que es válido.";s:2:"it";s:0:"";s:2:"da";s:0:"";}

Are there full versions of software on your website?

Yes we sell only full versions of software!

Do you ship hard copies of the software?

No, because we sell only digital downloads, but you're able to burn your own disk with a downloaded file.

Are there any additional charges for software?


Will I be able to download the purchased software in the future again (in case of PC crash)?

Sure you will be able to download your software again, just contact our support and ask them to reactivate your links.

Which Hardware Requirements are needed to get your software installed?

You're able to find Hardware Requirements in the description which comes with each product in our store.

What is an E-Manual?

An "E-Manual" is the electronic version of the manual, which accompanies software products. The E-Manual is located in the customer area.

On how many computers can I install the purchased software?

You're able to install this software only on ONE computer at a time.

How to determine what type (32-bit or 64-bit) of software will work on my computer?

a:7:{s:2:"en";s:933:"Following these steps on a Windows operating system, you can determine whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit:

1. Open the System Information

Open the Start menu, and click on Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> System Information

2. Look in the System Summary

The System Information tool will display detailed information about your Windows operating system.

Once opened it will show the "System Summary" a€“ its an overview of your computer and operating system.

3. Look for the System Type Item

On the right hand side of the window you will see a list of items. Look for the item called "System Type".

The value of this item will tell you whether your computer is 32-bit or 64-bit:

x86-based PC: Its a 32-bit computer.

x64-based PC: Its a 64-bit computer.

Now you know what system you have and can make the correct choice

";s:2:"de";s:1075:"Indem Sie diese Schritte im Betriebssystem Windows erfüllen, können Sie die Bitbreite Ihres Computers bestimmen – 32-bit oder 64-bit:

1. Öffnen Sie die Systeminformation

Öffnen Sie das Menü Start und klicken Sie Programme -> Standardprogramme -> Serviceprogramme -> Systeminformation

2. Blicken Sie in die Systemstatistik hinein

Das Dienstprogramm Systeminformation darstellt die detaillierte Information über Ihr Betriebssystem Windows.

Nach dem Start zeigt es “Systemstatistik”, das ist eine Übersicht Ihres Computers und Betriebssystems.

3. Finden Sie das Element “Systemtyp”

Rechterseits des Windows sehen Sie die Liste der Elemente. Finden Sie das Element, „Systemtyp“ genannt.

Der Wert dieses Elements berichtet Ihnen über die Bitbreite Ihres Computers, 32-bit oder 64-bit:

PC auf der Basis x86: Das ist ein 32-bit Computer.

PC auf der Basis x64: Das ist ein 64-bit Computer.

Jetzt wissen Sie, welches System haben Sie, und können die richtige Wahl treffen.

";s:2:"fr";s:1119:"Suivez ces étapes dans le système d’exploitation Windows et vous identifiez la capacité de votre ordinateur : - 32 bits ou 64 bits:

1. Ouvrez Informations système

Ouvrez le menu Démarrer et cliquez sur Programmes → Accessoires → Outils système →Informations système

2. Vérifiez Statistiques système

Utilitaire Informations système affiche les données détaillées sur votre système d’exploitation Windows.

Une fois il est ouvert il affichera « Statistiques système ». C’est une étude de votre ordinateur et système d'exploitation.

3. Trouvez l'élément « Type de système »

Vers la droite de la fenêtre vous verrez une liste d'éléments. Trouvez l'élément appelé « type de système ».

La valeur de cet élément vous indiquera la capacité de votre ordinateur : 32 bits ou 64 bits

PC sur la base de x86: c’est un ordinateur 32 bits.

PC sur la base de x64: c’est un ordinateur 64 bits.

Maintenant vous savez le type de votre système d’exploitation et vous pouvez faire un choix correct.

";s:2:"nl";s:0:"";s:2:"es";s:1073:"Realizando estos pasos en el sistema operativo Windows, usted podrá determinar la capacidad de su ordenador – de 32 bit o 64 bit:

1. Abra la información del sistema

Abra el menú Inicio y pincha Programas -> Estandar -> Utilidades -> Información sobre el sistema

2. Busque en las estadísticas del sistema

La utilidad de Información del sistema mostrará información detallada sobre su sistema operativo Windows.

Una vez abierta, le mostrará “Estadísticas del Sistema” es una visión general de su odrenador y del sistema operativo.

3. Busque el Elemento “Tipo del sistema”

En la parte derecha de la ventana, verá una lista de elementos. Busque el elemento llamado "Tipo de sistema."

El valor de este elemento le informará sobre el tipo de sistema que usted tiene, si es de 32 bits o 64 bits:

PC a base de x86: Es un ordenador de 32 bits.

PC a base de x64: Es un ordenador de 64 bits.

Ahora usted sabe que tipo de sistema tiene y podrá elegir la opción correcta.


Are your products used?

a:7:{s:2:"en";s:357:"Absolutely not, we do not sell used products of any kind. All of our products are guaranteed to be new - never been used or activated. Due to the nature of the wholesale marketplace some packaging may look different than what you'd see at a retail store. However, we absolutely stand by our 100% guarantee that all software has never been used or activated.";s:2:"de";s:413:"Gar nicht, wir verkaufen die gebrauchten Produkte jeder Art nicht. Wir gewährleisten, dass alle unsere Produkte neu sind und früher nicht gebraucht oder aktiviert wurden. Im Zusammenhang mit der Natur des Großmarktes können einige Verpackungen anders aussehen, als die, die Sie im Einzelhandelsladen sehen. Aber wir gewähren die 100% Garantie, dass alle Softwaren nie früher gebraucht oder aktiviert wurden.";s:2:"fr";s:438:"Absolument non. Nous ne vendons pas de produits usagés de n’importe quel type. Nous garantissons que tous nos produits sont nouveaux et qu’ils n’étaient pas usagés ou activés auparavant. Suite aux principes de marché de gros certains emballages peuvent être différents de ceux que vous voyez dans un magasin au détail. Cependant, nous garantissons 100% que tous les logiciels n’étaient pas usagés ou activés auparavant.";s:2:"nl";s:0:"";s:2:"es";s:551:"No, no vendemos ningún producto que haya sido utilizado anteriormente. Garantizamos que todos nuestros productos son nuevos y no fueron utilizados ni puestos en marcha antes. En el contexto de la esencia del mercado mayorista, algunas empaquetaduras pueden ser diferentes que aquellas que usted podrá ver en las tiendas de la venta minorista. Pero garantiamos 100% que todos los programas informáticos nunca fueron utilizados o puestos en marcha antes.

¿Puedo tener descuento si quiero comprar más de una copia del producto?";s:2:"it";s:0:"";s:2:"da";s:0:"";}


Can I get a discount if I'm going to buy more than one copy of a product?

Unfortunately we don't have any discounts.

Will I be able to get technical support?

We will help you to download, install and activate the purchased program, but we cannot teach you how to use the product.

Is there any membership fees on your website?

No, You don’t need to pay any membership fees.

Does your software come with the Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?

OEM version doesn’t come with the COA. But you will be able to activate your software and get updates from the manufacturer (some software products cannot be updated at all, ask our Support team about these exceptions).

What if I would like to buy software which you don't have in your store?

In case you're not able to find the program you need in our catalogue, please, contact our Support team. We will try to prepare a new release for you.

Shopping cart is not working, when I'm trying to add a product to my cart nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong?

Please go to browser settings and make sure "cookies" are enabled. If it doesn’t help, please, contact our Support team.

Who is Software Store?

We are an online reseller of OEM software products made by manufacturers such as Microsoft, Adobe, Autodesk and many others. For additional information, see our About Us page.

What customers say

Wayne, AU
The rating for Customer Support doesn't do the guys justice! I had a niggling problem with the installation and they supported me through the entire process. In the end they did a remote install - problem fixed! Very happy with the outstanding service they provided. Thanks again guys.
Dorcas Gmelch, DE
I want to thank you for your timely response. You got right back to me tonight and I'm blown away, thanks. You guys have been first cabin, from start to finish, and I thank you. I'll never buy any software anywhere else.
William Brackman, US
I thank you for all the help and patience that you have given me and I do feel that I have been a bit of a nuisance with my many requests for help. All the team have been so helpful and polite that I will certainly buy any future software that I require from you. Also your rapid response to requests is second to none and I applaud you for it.
Curtis Moreland, US
I am happy to say that my computer has the product I purchased and is working well. Thank you so much for caring and following up. I will be a repeat customer just for that :)