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The world's definitive system for modern technical computing

Mathematica is a computational software system developed by Wolfram Research. It is a powerful tool used for various mathematical, scientific, engineering, and technical computations, as well as for symbolic computations and data visualization. Mathematica is known for its wide range of functionalities and extensive library of algorithms and data, making it a popular choice for researchers, engineers, educators, and professionals in various fields.

Key features and capabilities of Mathematica include:

Symbolic and Numeric Computation: Mathematica supports both symbolic computation (manipulating mathematical expressions) and numeric computation (performing calculations with numerical data).Mathematical Functions and Algorithms: The software offers a vast collection of built-in mathematical functions and algorithms for calculus, linear algebra, differential equations, statistics, and more.Data Analysis and Visualization: Mathematica can handle and analyze large datasets, perform statistical analyses, and generate visualizations such as plots, graphs, and charts.Graphics and Visualization: Mathematica provides extensive tools for creating high-quality 2D and 3D graphics, allowing users to visualize complex data and mathematical concepts.Notebook Interface: Mathematica uses a notebook-based interface, where users can combine text, equations, code, and visualizations in a single document for interactive exploration and presentation.Wolfram Language: Mathematica's programming language, known as the Wolfram Language, is a powerful and expressive language that allows users to create custom functions and perform complex computations.Interactivity and Manipulate: Mathematica supports interactivity through the Manipulate function, allowing users to dynamically adjust parameters and visualize the effects in real-time.Integration with External Systems: Mathematica can interface with external systems, languages, and technologies, making it versatile for integration with other tools and data sources.
Mathematica is used in various fields, including physics, engineering, finance, biology, computer science, education, and many more. Its broad capabilities, intuitive interface, and powerful symbolic computation make it a valuable tool for solving complex mathematical problems, visualizing data, performing data analysis, and exploring mathematical concepts. Mathematica's continuous development and support from the Wolfram community ensure that it remains a relevant and widely used software system in the computational and technical computing world.

For Modern Technical Computing, There's No Other Choice

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